Lorretta Alley is the founder and CEO of
LA Organized that was launched back in 2014 with 306 booked Events of which 147 Weddings. Specializing in weddings & events, online consulting, and property management.
With her extensive training in Events Management & Customer Services, she has now combined her knowledge and passion in the hospitality and wedding industry with The Desk Concierge since May 2018 as their SA Branch Manager on property management for Val de vie estate and Wedding Planner to couples from abroad.
"If you had to open up the doors into my brain you would very soon discover that yes I have issues in my life and by the business, I created it helps me to stimulate and live life to the fullest. 
Loving what you do to this degree can’t be called work. And that’s how I feel about my work and family.
I see myself as a strong businesswoman wearing many different hats."

What I Do










From meeting the client, getting to know what their needs are to putting it all down on paper over the months running up to the event with setup and execution on the day ticks all the boxes for me.


I think we sometimes forget that we were all little girls at one point of our lives and the fairy tale weddings we so longed for. To see all of this replay in my Brides eyes on the day of their wedding makes it all worth the long hours and work put into perfecting the art of Wedding Coordination.


Now this is my happy place. I get to stimulate my OCD part of the brain with attention to detail. I am now helping others bring order and joy back into their homes by organizing entire homes and saving you time, money and energy. So many moms feel overwhelmed with even the thought of all the stuff lying around and were to even start and how to maintain a clean way of living. 
And no this is not like clean house were we come in with a team of cleaners and rip your house apart.



So many of my clients come to me with full time staff, product knowledge and a proper business structure in place but can’t understand why they’re not standing on a 80% occupancy during peak season or throughout the year. Having the perfect face to your business, the passion for what you do and the best product on your books will only get you that far if you don’t have the correct road map when it comes to pricing, marketing to the correct audience + knowing your niche market + social media setup and website seo with the correct paid advertising then you will never get real traction. We work with a lot of small business owners and at times have to stop the advertising so that they can catch up with sales. We want you to achieve those heights and keep your passion alive and get the right exposure for your brand. Contact us and become part of the family!

is a practice,
not a project."
- Meagan Francis

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Mr. & Mrs. Pedro

" have treated us with so much professionalism and made us feel at ease..."


Mr. & Mrs. Cloete

"...I felt completely confident handing everything over to you..." 


Mr. & Mrs. Adriaanse

"...dankie vir al jou moeite en dat jy die perfekte dag vir ons moontlik gemaak het..."


Mr. & Mrs. 


"...we wouldn't have been able to do it without you!"


Mr. & Mrs. Davis

" were amazing..."


Mr. & Mrs. Swart

"...our day and the Venue was absolutely perfect..."

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Mr. & Mrs. Brittain

Amazing service and unbelievable experience.


Mr. & Mrs. van Aardt

"...thank you for caring about our day as much as we did..."


Mr. & Mrs. Viviers

"...,we literally couldn't think of one thing that we didn't like..."