A day in the Life of an Alley

So, like most moms, my days start quite early in the morning.

My alarm goes off at 05h00 and then I tend to snooze until 05h20. I make coffee for myself and hubby and get the kids' breakfast sorted before I go down to wake them at 06h00.

I dress our daughter and we find it works best that Dad then dresses our son. The kids do hair and brush teeth then we all go upstairs for breakfast and to pack their school bags.

Once they are all done, it's my turn and I jump in the shower, dress for success, do makeup and hair and now I can start my day. I need to get the kids dropped off where they need to be by 07h30 and manage to miss the morning traffic.

“By 08h00 I walk into my office with a cup of coffee in hand to have a look at the days booked appointments and getting the paperwork ready for meetings scheduled.”

Mondays are booked with event breakdowns and making sure that all booked suppliers have collected inventory accordingly at the relevant venues we had events at over the past weekend.

Tuesday to Thursdays are mostly filled with event supplier meetings/wedding itinerary meetings as couples book our services months in advance/brand consulting meetings and catching up on administration in the office and running errands.

Fridays we block out to event and wedding setups taking place with supplier deliveries and setting up tables as per client mocks that were done throughout the year to create that perfect picture for the event day ahead of us.

Saturdays are always booked out months in advance with actual weddings taking place and scheduled appointments for viewing and site inspections with a potential event and wedding couple.

Sundays are set aside for my family and just staying at home in my pajamas with my 2 little ones making their favorite breakfast and catching up on what has been happened during the week impacting their lives and spending quality time together on the carpet building Lego or painting with my 5-year-old.

In between the hustle of running a business and a well-organized household I make time for myself by just popping into the movies, shopping, sitting down with a book or catching up with friends over breakfast.

So this is a sneak peek into the different hats in my life. How do you juggle yours?

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