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Updated: Nov 1, 2019

I tend to only buy white bedding/linen in my house as I can remove stains easily and the bedding does not look washed out after a couple of washes.

When I need to do some spot treatment, I like to use Handy Andy. You apply the Handy Andy to the stained area and brush it in with an old toothbrush. Leave it to dry completely and then wash in the machine.

“You will be surprised how many stains you will get out with regular old Handy Andy in and around the house...”

How I keep my white linen white for 5 years in a row by treating them with Steri Nappi every 6 months. For some reason, you don’t get Steri Nappi in all grocery stores these days, so I tend to pop into Shoprite and buy the 1kg tub. You will then need to run a bath of warm water and add 1 cup of Steri Nappi to the water and stir a bit. Then place your whites (white only) linen in the water and leave it overnight to soak. The directions on 1kg tub will tell you that it's not needed to wash afterward, but I tend to still place all items in the wash for a short 30min cycle to make sure all chemicals are rinsed out.

Getting rid of foundation spills on your clothing - sprinkle some baking soda straight onto the stain and brush it in with a wet toothbrush. Leave it to dry and then wash with your laundry. The alternative to this will be to use Handy Andy.

It’s that time of the month and you had an accident in your favorite underwear – firstly you want to rinse the garment in cold water and then mix a paste of salt and water and rub it onto the stained spot. I would recommend using that old toothbrush as its more hygienic for this application.

Leave it then for about 5 minutes and then rinse again with cold water. You can now add the garment to your laundry basket for the weekly wash.

These are my helpful tips that I use around the house.

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