Frequently asked questions from my Brides during this lock-down period:

With Covid-19 taking over the news, it's a good idea to separate fact from fiction and get clued up on how it could affect your big day.

We understand that this is a stressful and difficult time for couples planning 2020 weddings and would advise all couples to postpone rather than cancel and losing all paid deposits.

Will I need to postpone or cancel my Wedding?

You will likely need to postpone your wedding as our country is currently on lock-down.

While we cannot be certain how long this will last, it is thought to be a long-term measure.

It is worth speaking with your venue and suppliers in the interim to discuss their views on postponement.

Have a date in mind and check availability. Ask if there are any penalties for changing the date within this financial tax year.

I would strongly suggests booking dates after August 2020 and asking suppliers if they will still provide their services on the same payment terms.

Will my honeymoon be affected by this?

The hospitality industry has been under immense stress and attack from the public during this time. I have been in hospitality for over 19 years now and know that a lot of them will not open again after this hit.

So when you make contact with the travel agent do understand that they have lost millions within the first week of lock-down and don’t need an upset Bride screaming at them. Remember the agent on the other side of the phone know their industry best and can be of immense help to you during this time so rather make a friend of them and get their advice on postponing your trip if you’re planning on travelling to an affected area.

Most travel insurance policies will cover trips cancelled due to government action but it’s best to check your individual plan.

How can we help make guests who can’t attend due to the Covid-19 feel part of the day?

We do not recommend that elderly and health compromised individuals attend large events such as weddings until the situation has stabilized. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be included in your celebrations.

Here are some ways to still make them feel part of your celebration:

1 Ask your venue if they have video link equipment and invite absent guests to join you via video call for the speeches or ceremony.

2 If you have a Videographer, ask for a 24-hour sneak-peek wedding video just for them when it’s ready.

3 Set aside an order of service and wedding favour and present them to your absent guest/s after the wedding.

4 Save them a slice of wedding cake!

5 Create a wedding hashtag and ask guests to upload pictures and videos throughout the day and have absent guests follow the action.

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