Easy DIY clay

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

How to be Super Mommy to that very demanding or should I call it “busy” 5 year old in the house.

Making your own clay at home that you can bin every 4 weeks and replaced with a fresh batch in a different colour.

You will need:

1 medium-size pot

1 wooden spoon

2 cups of Cake Flour

2 cups of Water

12g Cream of Tartar

¼ cup of salt

Food colouring (can be red / blue / green / yellow / pink / purple / orange)

1 tbsp oil

How to:

Add your flour / water / cream of tartar / salt / food colouring / oil into your medium-sized pot. Use a wooden spoon to mix all together. Switch on the stovetop to low heat and keep on stirring until you see all of the moisture disappeared.

*if it’s still too moist then you will sit with clay that gets stuck to everything and it tends to mold very fast when you store it. So keep on stirring even though it looks like one big ball.

When you happy with the consistency you can then remove the pot from heat and split the clay into 2 sections. You will then need a flat surface to knead it into a smooth ball of clay.

This process will also help to cool the clay down completely. I then place it on a plastic bag to cool down completely before I store it in a ziplock bag and into to fridge for when I need it.

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