Here's my advise on how to start the process:

FIRST - Let your venue and suppliers know your decision:

The first thing you need to do when deciding to postpone is to speak to your venue coordinator and main suppliers like photography, decor and flowers. You may have already been contacted by them to discuss their plans for the next few months but bear in mind the information you had last week may no longer be relevant.

Bearing in mind that your suppliers are all small business owners whose livelihood is being threatened by the pandemic too. Be patient with them and give them some time to get their head around their own insurance policy. They understand how devastated you are about postponing and want you and your guests to be safe, just like their employees.

SECOND - Understand your contracts:

You may have paid either a deposit or the full amount for your venue and suppliers by now. It’s important then to pull out the paperwork and read through your contracts thoroughly to understand what your options are if you choose to postpone. Most couples are so excited to get the planning going that they never really took any care in reading the fine print and T&C. So educate yourself on each suppliers contract before calling them and making waves.

One thing you’ll want to look out for is a force majeure clause. This can mean that your venue or suppliers are not required to fulfill their contractual obligations due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond their control.

At the moment, venues and suppliers are very flexible so it shouldn’t be a difficult task. You need to be flexible too. If you want to find the nearest available date to reschedule, you might have to accept a Friday, Sunday or even a weekday.

THIRD - Inform your guests:

Once you’ve confirmed with your venue and suppliers on a new date that actually work for all you’ll need to inform your guest list. The easiest way to do this is with an informed email giving clear instructions on why you have decided to postpone the wedding until a date you hope everyone will be able to attend and safe to travel.

Elderly guests will appreciate a phone call and feel more important. If they’re stuck inside and feeling a bit lonely, a call will cheer up their day and yours.

FOURTH - Let yourself cry:

You’re allowed to feel sad about the wedding day you should be having. You’re allowed to feel upset and disappointed. Speak to someone about this who you know will listen and acknowledge your feelings. Get your partner, parent or best friend to help you begin cope with your feelings and focus on the positives, like the safety and health of those you love.

You’re still getting married; it will just be in a different month or year. This should make you stronger as a couple.


So, your new date is set. Awesome!

If you are getting married in the same month just a year later then your decor / flowers / wedding dress / menu selection etc should stay the same as it’s the same season.

BUT if you opted for another month in a different season, then you need to setup a new mock with your florist and decor supplier so that you can start brainstorming the new look. Then look at your wedding dress as you might have to make some alterations to fit the season you now secured. Also speak to your photographer and videographer to discuss weather patterns and sunset times as this will have an impact on your timeline for the day.

If you worried about anything make contact with your venue and meet up with the their coordinator to make sure you did not miss anything.

Happy planning.

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