Manage your medicine

Decluttering your first aid dispensary at home:

Most of our clients sit with containers full of medicine and ointments around the house that has either expired or they just can’t remember why it was prescribed to them in the first place.

What you want to do is get all these items from around the house and then start by organizing them in categories like cold & flu, ointments & creams, vitamins, immune boosters, cuts & wounds, kids, pain & fever.

Now take each pile and start by disposing of items that have expired together with items prescribed by your doctor months ago.

By experience, this normally ends up being a third of the items you started with.

Most important is NOT to flush the tablets down the toilet or dispose of them in your kitchen bin. You will need to place them all in a bag and drop them at your nearest pharmacy to dispose of.

I found that placing your first aid items in a dedicated kitchen drawer to work best. So now you need to look for the drawer that will work best for you as well as be out of harm's way. Place the items per category so that you know what you have at all times and don’t end up buying duplicate stock. It might be useful to keep stock or take a photo of the meds you have.

From here on it will be easy to maintain every couple of months and you will look like the best-organized mommy at the next playdate.

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