Spring Clean

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Clutter can feel paralyzing at times. Looking around the house can make most of us wish for a few more weeks of winter before spring or the holiday season hits.

To help you look past the urge to procrastinate here are some tips and advice on how you can start.

Firstly, you need to pick that area around the house that’s the biggest disruptive to your life and tackle it first...

“ Once you know where to begin all else falls into place. .”

Think small – start with that one thing that’s doable. It does not have to be an entire room it can be as small as the kid’s cupboards or that small space in the living area where everything seems to gather and end up for months to follow. Take 30 minutes and just clear out the space completely.

Start sorting through all and place them in piles to bin, something you might still need and items that can be donated. You will quickly see when you have 10 of an item that you only actually need 2 of.

Create a system that’s easy to maintain – you can’t just clear out an area and think ok now I am done and never look at it again. You need to set aside time to take on these small tasks otherwise you will just end up where you were months from now.

Find appropriate containers for things to go into. Once you have organized the space its easier to maintain as you can see what you have.

Start to label some areas in and around the house so that everyone knows how to keep the maintenance in place.

For example you can look at your linen cupboard and label the shelving as per the rooms in the house so that all linen gets placed back in its spot so that you don’t have to open up 10 sheets to get to that one you need for the little one's room in the middle of the night when he wets the bed.

The housekeeper will find this very helpful when packing away linen and to avoid her messing up your system.

Sell and donate items you no longer have a need for – so many of my clients overestimate the value of second-hand items that they want to get rid of. And as a result, those items tend to stay on the property for months to follow and end up back into the house.

When you are done sorting and you have the items you want to bin do that immediately and place the items for donation in the back of your car and drop it off within that week.

I can continue with this blog for days to follow but will stop here and hope that these tips help you to get started with that shelf or that corner in your office.

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