The Perfect Pantry

So when it comes to your pantry I always like to de-clutter my space once a month when I do my monthly shopping. You’re then in the right mindset to do this so make use of the positive energy.

You will want to do the following:

1 - Remove everything and start with a blank canvas. Wipe down the shelving, side and back panels, doors and handles.

2 - When you remove all the existing items you want to put them into categories already so that you don’t have to do this again later.

3 - Moving old stock to the front and placing new stock items in the back with eliminate you sitting with expired stock year-round.

4 - Get into the habit of wiping down each product before placing them back in your pantry.

5 - Categorise the items per shelve so that you keep all baking items in one place as with tin food, spices, and sauces, entertainment and snacks then its easier to make your shopping list on items needed in a glance when you go shop again.

6 – I like to repackage a big percentage of my groceries into clear Tupperware (or an airtight storage container) that’s clearly labeled as it makes stacking and sorting so much easier and you don’t sit with half-used and open items in the cupboard that go off or attract unwanted mites.

Now the golden rule:

Make a list of the items you need and then stick to the list once in the shop. I have clients coming back to me 6 months later saying that applying this to their monthly shopping they are now showing a saving of between R800 to R2000 per month.

You will learn to live lighter this way and have the extra funds available without feeling guilty when buying that new pair of jeans or shoes you need.

*note: If you can pop round to the plastic store and pick up some clear baskets or trays as you can keep all the smaller items together and see what’s in them. You will be surprised by the variety of options you find at Mambo’s near you.

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